The Androgel Controversy

The Androgel Controversy

I’ve been doing testosterone therapy for a good seven, eight years now, but when I started getting treatment it was in the form of a gel I rubbed on my upper shoulder which predated what most guys know as today’s Androgel. The reason I dropped the gel for time release pellets implanted in my butt which, unlike Androgel or shots, are not covered by insurance was because my doc told me since I’m a pretty hirsute guy, the topical gel was leading to an increased production of estrogen! No wonder my tits are hardwired to my cock.

Well, the results of a recent study by the National Institute on Aging suggests that use of gels does little in improving a guy’s libido, muscle mass or energy, most associated with higher testosterone blood levels. While 20% reported an improvement in their sexual drive and another 30% saw some improvement, almost half felt the stuff did shit for them. One caveat: the study looked only at men 65 and older. What would happen with younger guys is not known, though most men’s testosterone blood levels go down the sewer by their thirties. Remember, us homo-sapiens were supposed to live only until about forty, so this decline was nature’s way of saying “no more making babies.”

Plus this study did not look at men getting shots or, like me, pellets. ‘Cause I gotta tell ya, if it did, and the results came back the same, I’d text the National Institute on Aging a video of my latest sexual encounter as proof positive they’re dead wrong.

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