Feel You Don’t Measure Up?

Feel You Don’t Measure Up?

Well, according to a recent study of over 15,000 men, the average penis –erect – is five inches long. And as a buddy who wasn’t all that will endowed but had them flocking to his bedroom put it, “It’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it.”

BTW, I read somewhere using a penis pump on a regular basis will add inches to your manhood, and after dabbling with the manual jobs over the years, I finally bought a pump that works automatically. Just push a button and watch it grow! I don’t know if it will make me a Size Queen’s wet dream, but it sure as fuck is fun.


A Postscript to My Blog, “The Androgel Controversy”

I’ve got a buddy a few years older them me who’s been shooting himself up with Mr. T for the last dozen years since he had a near fatal car crash. Now if you google what the normal testosterone count should be for a healthy 25 year old male, the answers are all over the place, but generally are somewhere in the 800 range. My doc likes to keep me around 1200, I guess to compensate for the loss in muscle tissue and elasticity that comes with age, but when my friend told me his was 2000, I nearly shit a brick! No wonder he’s ready to bop homeless women at bus stops!

He said his doc wanted him to lay off for a few weeks  – no shit- but if I were his M.D., I’d freeze his prescriptions.  Remember, sexually based malignancies like prostate cancer are fed by the sex hormone, churning through our veins when we’re younger, which is why the famed actor Sir Laurence Oliver who had prostate cancer died from other causes at 82, and why seventies/eighties rocker Frank Zappa died from prostate cancer at 52.


A Case for Cut Cock

Despite the current movement away from circumcision, there’s proof that being snipped may be healthier. According to the World Health Organization, the surface of the foreskin is lined with immune system cells that actually attract the HIV virus during sex. The foreskin is also susceptible to mini-abrasions through which disease-causing microbes can enter the body; and it’s a fallacy cut men feel less than uncut guys. According to a study by the professional Journal Sexual Medicine, circed guys feel just as much as uncirced guys do.


More Men ID as Bi

Though the numbers are up only slightly, more men 18-44 identified themselves as bisexual in the most recent Survey of Family  Growth conducted from 2011-2013, compared to the same study from 2006-2010. But don’t get your making it with a str8 guy fantasies going: they still represent only 2 percent of all men.

That is, of course, if guys are really telling the truth.


Frankly just keeping track of my boyfriends is hard enough. Imagine having Dolores on Tuesday, Freddie on Wednesday and Iris on Thursday. Shit! That is  unless Iris and Freddie wanted a threesome which, BTW, is str8 girls’ favorite kind of porn.


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