Back to Back Sex: II

Back to Back Sex: II

“Hey,” says Miguel as he opens the door to his place, decked out in his big brimmed punk cap, black T and baggy black shorts.

Not much is said as we strip down, he to his underwear me to nothing. I follow him to the bathroom where he sits down on the toilet and lights up his pipe, sitting on the sink. Some bi guys need alcohol to loosen up before they play with forbidden fruit. With Miguel, it’s meth, but I decline a puff. I wanna to keep my over-Viagraed penis from wimping out with a case of Tina dick. Plus there’s Donny in an hour or so. Putting his pipe back on the sink, he exhales onto my dick, which is fully aroused by that rugged face, beard and furry chest and abs, then begins to ever so slowly stroke it, kissing the head a few times as he grabs his covered crotch. I lift off his cap and throw it to the floor, running my fingers through his healthy mop of black hair as he gets up, just a few inches taller than me, and gestures back to the bedroom slipping off his underwear.

For a while we lay there on the bed, our crotches in our faces, he still stroking my dick, only occasionally sticking it in his mouth, while I swallow his whole. Now Miguel’s got a fascinating tool. Droopy, uncut and actually tiny soft, it comes alive like a blow up doll as I peel back the foreskin and work his head that explodes in my mouth. Within just a minute or so, his nothing dick becomes a thick mushroomed monster.

His str8 side showing, he asks me again if I ever bottom. I nod my head negative. “Maybe next time, I’ll have you fuck me Daddy,” he says without emotion, as he continues to edge my cock. My gut tells me that there won’t be a next time. But here we are in the now, naked and horny.

Last time we connected neither of us got off. I’m determined to make this time different.

When we first met off adam4adam one afternoon a week or so ago, Miguel had flashed a six month old shirtless pic of himself on his Iphone, all chiseled and cut, but I told him then and still think it now as I comb my palm over his furry chest and abs, that his beefy, more natural look is a bigger turn-on for me. Getting up off the bed, I have him lay on his back, his feet on the floor, and throwing a pillow beside the bed, I kneel down and work his crotch with my mouth, gently petting his tight, super-sensitive, very furry sac. Then I slowly lift his legs slightly and dive my tongue into his furry manhole.

This bi-guy who’s fucked women fucken loves it and as his breathing becomes more labored and intense, I continue this loveship with his hole, my own cock aching, for not more than another five minutes when he quietly spurts his load over his stomach. There’s no coming for Ray – I know that – as he gets up and without even a smile, goes to the bathroom and jumps into the shower. By the time he’s back out, towel strategically around his waist, I’m dressed and ready to leave, a rent-free rentboy. Like most gay guys, I’ve always fantasized what it would be like making it with a str8 – well, sort of str8 – guy.

Now I know.

“Hey, thanks, stay in touch,” he says quietly as we approach the door and he hands me a bottled water. I give him a quick peck on the cheek and move on.

It’s only 10:40. I have at least half an hour to kill so I swing by Hunters, our dance bar that on Friday nights captures the bear crowd. I prance around shirtless, get a few wayward glances, and enjoy the rap music and jockstrapped young guys shaking their booties on the two cubicles on opposite ends of the dance floor. I chuckle to myself. While most of the guys in the place – the average age looks about 45 – are salivating over this young flesh, I’ve already had it. And Act II is soon coming up.

I realize having two rum and cokes is a mistake, but by that time Donny has summoned me with his come hither text.


Friday: “Back-to-Back Sex” The Conclusion.

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