Back In the Big Apple

Back in the Big Apple

Well l spent the better part of last week driving George, my other half, from my home in Lauderdale where he drove me nuts all winter, back to our home in PA. Yesterday morning he dropped me off just across the river in Port Jervis, New York, where l took the Metro North to Manhattan and spent the afternoon in the Big City before grabbing the bus to Newark Airport and eventually my plane back home.

That’s all to explain why l ended up in the Big Apple the second time since November. It was a beautiful warmish summery day and l wore a tank top that got me some attention as l had lunch at an outdoor sidewalk cafe in the Village and later meandered my way on foot uptown to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and my trip to Newark. Metrosexuality apparently is still alive and well in the Big City; it was hard to tell the str8 guys from the gay ones even when they were holding hands or making out with a member of the opposite sex. A sign of our liberated times l guess, or maybe a failure of the butch father figure in America. Who knows.

And despite being one of the most costly cities in the world to live in, l was pleasantly  surprised by the youthful exuberance all around me, and the anything goes look. Some of the fashion twinks were living examples of how  to ask for a beating in a dark alley with a tire iron anywhere else but here.

But what wowed me most as it had during my November visit was the frightening fact that one out of every two people were on their phones!  Chitchatting, cutting deals or maybe making love, all while trotting down West 34th Street, seemingly oblivious to the six square feet of  world around them. New York City has gotta be the smartphone addict capital of the U.S.

Hell, with the way technology is going, you’ll soon be able to have sex through your earplugs. Only you won’t know it!

Talk about safe sex.



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