Who Needs PrEP or Condoms? It’s Fort Troff’s Raw Pup To The Rescue

Who Needs PrEP or Condoms? It’s Fort Troff’s Raw Pup To The Rescue

For you gay men who don’t what I’m talking about, (shame on you – you’re condemned to watch porn with your hands tied behind your back), Fort Troff is one of the largest, if not the largest on-line male sex toy stores and accessories in the business. Hell, even if you don’t end up buying their stuff, their site is worth more than just one visit. Their models are hot, young, humpy and big donged men, and their product “demo” videos can rival any porn site.

Now they’ve come out with a new product to have safe sex without killing the kink. It’s called Raw Pup, and essentially it’s a big, flexible dick cylinder you stick up your butt. Your top man then slides his cock into the cylinder and bangs away.

First the “fake” cock adds some dimensions to the under-endowed and makes any guy feel proud of his piece; and secondly, while it simulates the sensation of raw bare back sex, in reality, the top’s dick never touches the bottom’s skin directly so even if he spurts his load, it never goes inside the other guy. (Hey, sorry you guys who like to be bred.)

Fort Troff even sells a Mount and Knot accessory that allows the bottom to easily insert the cock cylinder up his manhole before his top ever shows up, thereby avoiding a break in the spontaneity of the moment, something slipping on a condom almost always does. (It’s like a porn director telling his actors to hold their erections while he changes the camera angle.)

Nor does Fort Troff have a monopoly on these new safe sex products with kink. Check out the Manhunt Toy Shop’s “Penis Extenders” like its cloak cock enhancing sheath which slips over the top’s real tool to add inches of pleasure plus protection for the bottom.

No, I don’t own stocks in Fort Troff, but the national Centers for Disease Control and every Health Department in the country that have been bemoaning the continued rise in the HIV rate among gay men, despite thirty years of preaching about safe sex, should award Raw Pup the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

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