Cosmetic Surgery: Yea It’s A Guy Thing Too

Cosmetic Surgery: Yea It’s A Guy Thing Too

I’ve made no secret of the fact that l’ve had a few touch-ups along the way. Botox and Dysport for those forehead wrinkles, various fillers to plump up my cheeks and diminish the bags under my eyes, and coolsculpting to rid myself of those stubborn love handles.

Obviously l’m not alone. Americans had nearly 14 million cosmetic procedures performed last year to the tune of 10 billion dollars, with procedures done on men up 6%. Older men need to compete with younger men in the workforce or maybe it’s all about looking prettier and feeling younger.

So what are the stats?

69,000 botox injections ( mostly to reduce forehead wrinkles)

13,000 hair transplants ( l guess a lot of young guys l see in the gym going bald opt for the much cheaper Yul Brenner look)

28,000 eyelid lifts

62,000 nose jobs

19,000 breast reductions (so why are so many of us trying to build up those pecs?)

24,000 liposuctions ( l opted for coolsculpting which isn’t cheap but is non-invasive.)

But one thing l will never get done is laser hair removal. 16,000 procedures were done last year. To me hair on a man is super sensual. And after all you can always take it off but you can’t put it on.

Me telling guys at the bar pulling on my chest hairs that it’s on there with Velcro is a lie.


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