Lauderdale: The Town of Philandering Partners

Lauderdale: The Town of Philandering Partners

Every time an out-of-town hottie hits me up on one of hookup sites and then tells me that he can’t host because he’s staying with family or friends (who’s supporting all those gay guesthouses l wonder), my response is simple: don’t you know that Lauderdale is a gay town of philandering partners who expect them to have the room?

I laugh how many times l read in a guy’s profile he’s still search for that LTR, and then when he lands one, almost like clockwork, is sneaking around looking for new meat. Or the once dynamic duo agree to an open relationship. Sorry, men, after you stop fucking around with one another and only with other guys, you’re not partners,  you’re roommates.

But l shouldn’t beat up on our kind. Str8’s are just as bad. According to a sex survey of men 25 to 41 years old, the lust lasts just a year in any relationship. After that, what once was so hot is not, and you know what they say, cocks have a mind of their own.

So please Mr. Out of Towner, make sure the next time you come down to Whore City, U.S.A., you get your own room. And be available at 7:45 in the morning when a Lauderdale philandering partner can get a quick fuck before work.

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