It’s a Fact: Using Your Phone on the Gym Floor Fucks Your Workout

It’s a Fact: Using Your Phone on the Gym Floor Fucks Your Workout

When l would be up in PA at my house for the summer, l’d use a local Planet Fitness which had signs posted all over the  place that no phones were permitted on the gym floor. Here in Lauderdale local gyms apparently don’t have the balls to implement such a policy. Hell, l think there would be a revolt.

But don’t you get pissed when some guy is sitting on a machine you wanna use, babbling on and on his phone about how he’s just found the love of his life,or is pretending to be in the office, does two reps and goes back babbling?

Well according to a Kent University study, using your smartphone during your workout is not only a distraction from what you’re there for; it slows you down and lowers your heart rate, exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve.

The study, which monitored students on treadmills, found phone chatting and texting  reduced running speeds by 10%; both lowered heart rates by 5%.

But some good news: the same study  found that listening  to music boosted both speeds and heart rates. So next time raise the volume and cut out the chit chat.  After all, you’re not just in the gym to stay healthy. It’s to look hot, and what’s the point of talking to your bf, present or future, if your gut is hanging out?

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