Another Installment of My Advice Column “Go Ask Daddy”

Another Installment of My Advice Column “Go Ask Daddy”

Buddy: l met this real cool guy on the web and he just may be the one. We’ve chatted on line, exchanged pics, and spoke on the phone. Now we wants to come visit me for a week. He lives in a small town in Indiana, l live in the heart of Chicago’s Boystown, and this would be his first trip to the Big City. So do you think l’m going about things the right way by having him stay with me?

Daddy: Rule Number One: unless you’ve met the guy and fucked him and the fuck was great, never, l mean never invite him over to stay with you for more than a weekend or a few days. What if you find out he’s a heavy smoker or he does drugs or his pix were taken when the first Bush was President, or he measured the size of his dick from his asshole? A few days of bullshit can be tolerated but a week could feel like an eternity.


If you don’t believe me ask my friend with emphysema who invited a new buddy over for a week and found out he smoked like he had stocks in R. J. Reynolds.


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