Looking for A New Guy In My Life

Looking for A New Guy In My Life

I’ve had it with my decades old relationship with seventy something George who’s old fashioned, cranky, obstinate and unappreciative. Here l would go up every fall to our home in PA to drive him down to Fort Lauderdale to spend the winter at MY house and reverse the process each spring, and for that he complains that l’m dragging him down so he can critique everything l do and fuck up my tourist season sex. Gee, thanks. Summers l go up to PA, no man’s land, and become a Mets widow.


I’ve had with guys my age who don’t think l’m good enough for them but who for the most part look like trainwrecks or Jenny Craig failures because of too much smoking, too much drinking, too much drugging, or too many lonely nights with their refrigerators.

And while l feel blessed to have a second gay career as a daddy, pop culture obsessed young guys old enough to be my grandson with their smooth, chicken breasted, ironing board bodies and often retro fem demeanors who keep hitting me up on the hook up sites bore the hell out of me.

So, l’ve decided to launch my own campaign for the guy l want. My specifications?

No younger than 35 or older than 50

Furry, and the furrier the better

Boyishly handsome


A natural man’s body, no gym bunnies or steroid junkies, please

5’6 to 5’8 so l can look him in the eye

Intelligent, educated with a real job

Just a regular guy, no retro fems or over the top macho men need apply.

And to get my campaign rolling, l’m getting a custom T-shirt made that will read:

Front: Cute hairy daddy with $$$ ….

Back: … looking for a cute hairy guy with brains.

Think that will fly?

Hey, he can even live with me in my on-the-water home with heated pool free if he agrees to pick up the dog shit from the backyard every morning

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