It Was Only A Matter of Time

It Was Only A Matter of Time

Last night at closing at a popular gay club in vacation mecca Orlando, a shooter opened fire and killed over 50 and wounded scores of others, making it one of the worst mass shootings in US history. The FBI has already classified it as an act of domestic terrorism.

At about that same time two hundred miles away here in Lauderdale, l was leaving a very packed Hunters, the most popular gay dance club in Wilton Manors and fast becoming one of the most popular dance clubs in South Florida, period. The club had been running an underwear/jockstrap night and scores of guys, me included, were flashing our booties. If that same shooter had been our way he could very well have wiped out a hundred people or more easily.

I hate playing soothsayer but l’ve said many times it was only a matter of time before we were caught in the terrorist crosshairs. I always thought the perfect venue would be a gay bar or high profile event like a gay pride parade or even perhaps Memorial Day’s annual International Mister Leather contest in Chicago. With gay marriage on the books and LGBT rights deliberated by our Presidential candidates, too many of us think mainstream America, if not love us, will at least accept the inevitable  – our equal standing as citizens.

Well think again.

Back at the turn of this century when countries like Israel were being bombarded by terrorist attacks l often wondered why we hadn’t been hit.

Then came 9/11.

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