Are We on the Verge of our Own Russian Revolution?

Are We on the Verge of our Own Russian Revolution?

A few weeks ago l caught an interesting cable series on World War l for which today’s world is marking its dubious one hundredth anniversary. It seems the monarchs and empires they ruled over, the Germanic Empire, the Russian Empire, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire of central and eastern Europe, and the Ottoman Empire of the Middle East all were in a land grabbing frame of mind. But after four years of devastating destruction, everyone of their empires collapsed and their monarchs either killed or exiled because the proletariat or common man whom they had shit on for centuries and had used as fodder for their mindless conflict finally rose up and said, “Enough!”

Well, now let’s take a look at our upcoming Presidential election which may be one of the wildest our country has ever seen.

We’ve got Trump, a certified megalomaniac who looks at women as Barbie dolls, and minorities as housekeeping help for his hotels and yet who despite all his bullshit swept virtually every Republican primary. Why? Because the people the common man (and woman), the proletariat have had it with the Establishment (today’s Monarchy) on both sides of the political aisle who have done nothing. If you can say anything good about Trump it’s that he’s beholden to no one. That’s why even women like him and blue collar workers, as far away from his billionaire’s lifestyle as you can get, adore him. Routinely politically incorrect, he spits out what many of them are thinking. In a word, he’s the outsider they feel we need right now before it’s too late.

On the Democratic side we have Hillary, yes, part of the Establishment with her own excess baggage, but who right now is the most qualified person of any gender for the job of any who tried this time around. Obviously she would also make history as this macho country’s first female chief executive, something that’s been almost commonplace elsewhere in the world for decades. So, for all her ties to Washington, including sleeping with a former President (at least some of the time), she can also be viewed as an outsider, indeed a trailblazer.

And then there’s Bernie, whose socialist, some say even Communistic doctrine (hell, he even looks like Lenin) has captured a significant portion of America’s youth (just like Lenin won the minds of Russia’s youth) who feel disenfranchised and even angry toward the Baby Boom generation which they feel enjoyed the last vestiges of America’s Golden Age. Many have said that if their man doesn’t get the nomination, virtually impossible at this point, they won’t vote for Hillary, just as some tight assed Republican right wingers won’t vote for Trump.

Now just let’s say Trump wins, though the political pundits feel Hillary has the edge (you gotta win the Latino vote to make it and Trump has done everything to antagonize that demographic), and Congress remains Republican dominated, yet resistant to let Trump have his way since most of them consider him either a terrible ignoramus or a dangerous psychotic. How do you think the common American will feel then when things still remain an impasse?

Or let’s say Hillary gets the job. Will Congress fight her tooth and nail because many don’t like her or her hubby or because she’s a woman? My own opinion is that a lot of the distain thrown at Obama by Congress has been racially motivated though, God forbid, anyone admits to that in these overly politically correct times. So will we have another four years or more of Do Nothing D.C.  How much more bullshit will Americans take before there’s an insurrection?

As for us gays, we certainly have a better shot at seeing our agenda move forward under Hillary. Some of my friends have only half-jokingly suggested that if Trump gets in they will be building concentration camps for us in North Dakota.

To paraphrase iconic Bette Davis in “All About Eve,” “Fasten your seatbelts. We’re in for a bumpy ride.”

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