“Love is Love is Love is Love…”: Mass Delusional Brainwashing

“Love is Love is Love is Love…”: Mass Delusional Brainwashing

You see and hear it everywhere, ” Love Matters” placards at Lauderdale’s gay pride parade this past weekend,  “Hamilton” star and author’s “Love is Love is Love …” in neon signs at the countless vigils around the globe. Even Broadway stars just recorded the old Dionne Warwick hit, “What the World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love,” all to make us survivors-at-large of Pulse somehow cope with the largest mass killing in this country’s history. And the largest mass killing of gays since the Holocaust.

Well, all l can say is this bullshit is opium for the masses.

There is no coping.

Fifty people are dead.


And countless others maimed for life. Because of one madman, the lives of scores of families and millions of us have been changed forever.

Did any of the latest post-Pulse attempts in Congress to stop the sale of assault weapons or include background checks for gun sales at flea markets and gun shows pass?


Will any of these measures even if they were enacted prevent another Pulse? Or worse?

No. These weapons will always be available on the black market.

Will all this feel good pabulum bring back one life or even bring back Mateem so we could slowly carve him up as vengeance earned?


Will this stop some Mateem wannabe, confused crazy or determined terrorist, from striking again?

Will our stop making mental health a stepchild in this society when it comes to treatment make a difference?

Even if we did it all tomorrow, it would take years to see any effect.

Will reporting suspicious behavior or an unhinged friend or family member change things?

Maybe, but there will always be another crazy looming just around the corner, FBI watch list or no FBI watch list. (The FBI is great at investigating its fuck-ups AFTER the fact.)

Yet all this “Love” is exactly what the NRA and other wizards behind the curtains pulling the strings want. Let the stupid public lull itself into a heroin-like stupor with silly recantations of love this, love that…

No, instead we should all stand up like that character in “Network” and yell out on the top of our lungs, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

But will anybody be listening?

Come this fall, vote every NRA stoolie out of office, Republican and Democrat.

But you know that won’t happen.

Or maybe what we need is for one of these crazies to kill the wife or son of an NRA exec or some  tight-fisted Republican whose kids’ college tuition the NRA is paying for in exchange for their hardlined vote to see things change.

No, it’s not love we need right now, it’s unadulterated hate against the enemy within.

But in the end will even this do any good?


The sad truth is this will continue.

All we can do is live our lives for the moment.

‘Cause that’s all we got.

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