Another Installment of “Go Ask Daddy”

Another Installment of   “Go Ask Daddy”

Buddy: I met Tom last fall on a R.S.V.P. cruise. We were surprised when we found out we were both from Atlanta. We really clicked and six months ago decided to get an apartment to be together more and share some expenses. When l met Tom he had a good job and seemed responsible, but after he lost his job over a month ago he changed. Since l make more than him l offered to carry the rent and utilities until he could find work but so far he’s done nothing but play video games and surf the web. When l bring the subject up he ignores me or seduces me into a marathon sexfest so l forget. But now l’m even beginning to wonder if he’s screwing around on the side while l’m in the office. I’m getting increasingly frustrated but l still love him. What should l do?

Daddy: First start checking out one of the online roommate services or Craig’s List.  I think you’re gonna need it.

Then lay down the law. Your landlord or the electric company don’t take IOU kisses as payment do they? Try talking to him again. If he stonewalls you, communicate in a way he understands: text him. Tell him you still care for him but continuing to live this lopsided relationship isn’t healthy for you or him. And don’t let him distract you by whipping out his dick. Give him 30 days to find a job or find a new place to live. If he becomes belligerent or threatening, change the locks and give him the info on the nearest “You Store” where to find his gear. If you have to physically remove him, have a couple of your tough buddies around or slip a twenty to your local bar’s bouncer to do what has to be done. Then change the locks.

Love requires mutual respect, and playing the bum while you play sugar daddy doesn’t cut it. Yea it will hurt for a while, but if he’s truly repentant he’ll come around and apologize. If not, move on.

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