Trim My Chest Hair? No Fucken Way!

Trim My Chest Hair? No Fucken Way!

Call me old fashion – hey go ‘head, l tell myself that everyday, but no manscaping for this guy  buddy. Maybe because l was in love with my furry dad or maybe because l’m in love with myself, but to me fur is what separates the boys from the girls and the men from the boys. Nothing is more sensual that raking you fingers through a guy’s pelt or he yours. Hairy chests, hairy abs, muscular hairy legs are all good but nothing gets my Daddy Dick stirring quicker than a nice firm furry butt.

But while the New York Times – yes the Times – reported that the groomed look in body hair was beginning to fade, stats from a poll conducted by Men’s Health prove otherwise. Almost 70% of men polled groomed their chest hair in some way and 12% went for the nude look. Only 20% like me never touched their rug.

Fortunately more than half of those men questioned left their leg hair alone – thank God. You know how many near misses I’ve had driving when some shirtless jogger with a pair of muscular furry legs comes into view. I guess ‘lm a legs man at heart. Why men would even think of shaving their legs, a femmie act l equate with girls, is beyond me but 15% of the guys polled by Men’s Health said they do.

Worse, according to the American Electrology Association, which represents those electrolysis Nazis, Floridian me, probably most of them living here in Penis Republic South Florida, represent 8% of l laser air removal nationwide. No wonder furry butts are becoming an endangered species

To each his own. I’m taking my body hair intact to my grave. If you really wanna know why, go ask my fuck buddies.

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