An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away? Well, 21 Loads a Month Keep The Urologist Away!

An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away?

Well, 21 Loads a Month Keep The Urologist Away!

When l was a horny teenager l’d look forward to Saturday afternoons squirreling away in the family basement to jerk off over all those near nude male bodies that appeared in back issues of Sports Illustrated my baseball addicted uncle would leave behind. Hell, from that time on through my twenties and thirties it wasn’t uncommon for me to spill the juice two, sometimes three times a day. It was only when my demanding career and age overtook my life that my jo score card started getting lean.

Now there’s another reason besides feeling good to get it on with the mirror, some porn or a guy. A just completed study by Harvard reconfirmed the results of a similar study from 2004 that guys who shoot their loads at least 21 times a month have a 20% less chance of developing prostate cancer compared to guys who only do it four to seven times a month. Even 13 times a month will do the trick. Hey, l got my first professional job on the thirteenth of the month so thirteen has always been my lucky number. It’s thought cleaning out all those babymakers on a regular basis keeps everything – including the prostate that contributes to the batch – squeaky clean.

Viva le lust, promiscuity, high testosterone level or something like that, right?

Funny, when you look at studies of priests who are supposed to be celibate, the correlation between prostate health and sexual activity tends to be inclusive. Could it be like a friend of mine who was going to enter a religious life then changed his mind told me the seminaries were like gay bath houses? Or maybe getting on with all those choir boys had some good outcomes after all? I know, wash my mouth out with soap.

And according to a University of Texas study, two to three cups of butch coffee, not the decaffeinated dishwater variety, will promote better erections.

Hey, anything we can do to keep our junk healthy is worth the sacrifice, right?

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