The Flip Side of the Possible HIV “Cure”

The Flip Side of the Possible HIV “Cure”

Researchers have succeeded in removing the HIV virus from the cells of laboratory animals, in effect, “curing” the specimen of the disease, and are confident that this miracle of gene splicing can be replicated in humans.

Great news, right? Not if you one of the thousands of HIV poz guys now collecting Social Security Disability and a lot of associated perks. I’m talking about the many we see down here in Lauderdale playing the system to the hilt while working off-the-clock jobs, using meth, and buffing up with steroids and human growth hormone, some of which comes with their medical coverage. I know at least three poz guys I’ve tricked with who refuse to go on the dole and earn their own way, and who like my buddies and I are fed up with these guys who are healthy enough to work but contribute nothing to society. In fact, there are twenty somethings who intentionally get infected to take advantage of this manna from heaven the rest of us underwrite through our taxes.

So what will happen when their HIV is “cured” and they no longer are eligible for Disability, free cosmetic surgery, free dental work, housing assistance and all the rest?

Stay tuned.


Get Ready To Move to Costa Rica …

…if Trump and his just announced running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence win. Pence is about as conservative as you can get, and was probably strongly “suggested” to Trump by the GOP Establishment to balance out his own rough edges. Pence is an Evangelical Christian, the equivalent of a Hasidic Jew in Judaism. He’s against gay rights, women’s rights, abortion – hell, he’s forty years behind the times – and if he had his way, he’d round us all up and put us in concentration camps in North Dakota. How a gay Log Cabin Republican can rationalize backing a ticket like this is beyond me.


“Looking for Mr. Goodbar:” A Cautionary Tale – For Today

I just caught the 1977 flick about the evils of the str8 swinging singles world of that era on TCM the other night  Diane Keaton is dynamic as the young professional feeling her oats in the early days of women’s liberation, and who pays the ultimate price when a trick gone wrong bludgeons her to death.

Though the film is almost forty years old, its message is as contemporary for both str8’s and gays as it was then.  I mean, if you’re a guy who plays the web or picks up a guy the old-fashioned way – in a bar – do you really know who you’re bringing home?

That’s why for starters I rarely connect, either on my turf or his, with a guy bigger than me who I feel I can’t handle, or have two guys in my house who I’ve never met before looking for a 3some.



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