The Downside of PrEP

The Downside of PrEP

I’ve  mentioned a few of the negatives about taking PrEP before: the fact PrEP was originally a HIV med which means it can be toxic to your liver, and complete compliance by you and the person you fuck around with, meaning taking the pill without fail every day, is absolute for its effectiveness.

Hell, I understand how many younger and not so young guys have decided to go with the program to protect themselves against Big Bad Wolf, AIDS. And If I were 25 again – and believe me, with the way the world’s going, I don’t envy today’s youth one bit – I probably would consider it too.

But surprise, surprise, being on PrEP will NOT protect you from other nasty STD’s, like syph or gon which are becoming increasing antibiotic resistant.

Now here in South Florida, Gay Partyland for the rest of the country, cases of syphilis have gone through the roof. Eighty percent of syphilis cases here in 2015 involved gay men. Which means guys who vacation here from Chicago or LA or NYC can take back the ugly bug to the four corners of this great nation.


Again, a lot of guys who are condom shy – which according to stats are at least four out of every ten gay men – figure just pop the pill and I’ll be fine.

Well, now you know that ain’t necessarily so.

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