The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good ….

Even my super conservative Republican neurosurgeon who did my back said, “l can’t stand Hillary but I’m going to vote for her. Trump is a nut job.” Let’s hope there’s more of him out there.

The Bad …

Some Sanders diehards may swing their votes to the Green Party’s super liberal candidate Jill Stein, M.D., which could mean a loss of votes to Hillary and a winning of the White House by Trump by default.

And the Ugly …

Evangelical Christian and Trump running mate Michael Pence, while Governor of Indiana, banned school kids from wearing “gay colored” clothing, and wanted to divert HIV funding to conversion therapy camps. His reasoning: you get rid of gays and HIV will go away. (Duh.)

It seems like Trump, who some argue committed treason when he edged Putin on to hack more Hillary emails, wants to punch out every person that disagrees with or criticizes him, like “little” billionaire Mike Bloomberg who tore him apart at the Democratic Convention.

Let Trump piss on Equal Crazy North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and the megalomanic will press the button on one of his nuclear missile toys. Bye bye San Francisco!

And The Real Ugly …

Log Cabin Republicans! Yea they ran an ad tearing apart the Republican Party’s anti LGBT platform and have not yet endorsed Trump but with a running mate like Pence, being gay and a Republican is an oxymoron.

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