The Res-erection of Barebacking

The Res-erection of Barebacking

No judgment calls here –perish the thought – just some observations about what I see as a res-erection of barebacking. And make no mistake, guys, raw dick is making a comeback, a big comeback. And not just in porn. Even when guys say they’re into safe sex, and say or think they’re negative, they don’t walk the talk when passion and testosterone takes over. Hell, there’s even sites like bbrts that cater exclusively in raw dick sex and its devotees, and promote not just one-to-one sex but multiple “dump” parties.

So why this retro move in the bedroom department after decades of preaching by our own community and even porn producers being criticized if they depicted naked pensises in their fucking scenes? Guys on PrEP may think themselves invincible, but there’s a whole lot of other reasons:

  • Maybe like all those decades of campaigns against smoking that have gone nowhere, a lot of gay guys are zoning out all those sermons of doom and gloom from those partypoopers among us.
  • A lot of guys think the AIDS crisis is over – not if you’ve checked the Health Department stats lately – or have way in the backs of their minds pharms will do the trick if they get burnt. After all, all those ads for the newest pill on the block depict smiling, healthy looking gaypozboys, don’t they? Well, pharms aren’t helping an AIDS infected friend of mine, age 49, and still a hunk, from suffering from early dementia, like forgetting what day of the week it is.
  • Guys who already got burnt and have that evil virus under control – what’s the word they use, oh, yea, “undetectable” – feel what could harm them now? (Like maybe a new strain, you think?)
  • Poz guys only playing with poz guys. See above.
  • Neg guys who only play with neg guys – at least guys who claim they’re neg and look the part. Shit, some poz guys, thanks to HGH and steroids, look healthier than a lot of average HIV- Joes, so how can you even tell anymore? (You can if you look good.)
  • Guys under 40 who feel it’s an old fag’s disease, and after all aren’t most of them dead by now anyway?
  • Guys under 30, like the 21 year poz boy that hit me up on Manhunt.
  • The “not me –I’m immune” syndrome.
  • The “I’m a top – only bottoms take risks” syndrome.
  • Putting on a rubber breaks the spontaneity of the moment and when you’re over 40, can also kill your hard-won hard-on even if you’re Viagraed up.
  • Nothing beats skin against skin when it comes to pumping your stiff tool up a nice warm, wet butthole. Nothing.

Like I told a “naive heterosexual woman” as she described herself on one of the gay literary  blog sites who asked if BB porn was responsible for the return of BB for real, “No honey, it’s all about lust and hormones.”

On the other end of the gay sex rainbow are those guys who have become overly cautious and still think you can get AIDS from toilet seats. For them, man-to-man sex is yanking on a guy’s tool like he was pulling weeds up in his yard, no kissing, no foreplay, no titwork, no pit licking, and God forbid no sucking, just jerking a guy’s dick so hard, the last thing you want to do is cum. Or better just do it virtually: cam, Skype, dirty talk, trade pics and off you go.

Ah, well, no happy medium, huh? No wonder more and more of us are skipping the “Real Thing” for seven minutes of our favorite canned porn, getting off on the provocative pics on our favorite hook-up profiles, or being a voyeur groupie at the local bath house or sex club.

Hell, it’s just easier.


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