The Results of the Men’s Grooming Trends Polls: The Old Guard Vs. the Millennials

The Results of the Men’s Grooming Trends Polls: The Old Guard Vs. the Millennials

This is a follow-up to Friday’s poll.

As expected, those of you who follow my babblings tend to be a more seasoned crowd vs. the readers of Lauderdale’s Next magazine, which judging by its content tend to be a younger demographic. It was that mag’s grooming trends poll that inspired me to do my own. Bottom line: there’s a definite generational divide when it comes to hirsute tastes.

On the topic, Facial Hair, the Next readers were almost evenly divided when it came to preferring beards (53%) vs. clean-shaven (47%). My fans weighed heavily in on beards by a substantial 73% vs. only 27% for the clean-shaven look.

Two out of three Millennials didn’t care about body hair while there was a small majority of my guys who wanted ’em the hairier the better (52%) vs. those who had no preference (43%). Nine percent of Next readers voted for the waxed look, only 5% in my poll.

When it came to back hair, though, the preferences between generations couldn’t be more opposite. Ninety percent of my guys loved back hair while 88% of the younger crowd wanted it all gone.

The results on Bush Hair were also again almost opposite. Only 32% of Next readers liked bush hair vs. 64 % or double that of my followers.

About the only results that kinda matched were on the topic of “Touch-ups.” Both the Old Guard and the Millennials favored a natural look by an overwhelming 85% and 82% respectively.

Me? I dig facial, body, bush and back hair (except maybe in the summer) big time and l have no problems with botox, dysport or fillers now and again to keep Father Time at bay.

In fact, l like the hirsute look so much l have instructions to the funeral home to make sure to touch up the gray in my beard with Just for Men, light medium brown, before they ship me to my mausoleum.

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