Me, Myself and I: Super Egos

Me, Myself and I: Super Egos

This Life puts a colossal over-emphasis on physical beauty, so when I label somebody a “loser,” he may be a $700,000 a year corporate attorney with a great personality and a heart of gold, but who in the looks and body department, even $700,000 in plastic surgery couldn’t help. Having established what I mean by a “loser,” I ran into a trio of guys in this dubious category whose egos made the Empire State Building look like a shack.

One was a 300 pound bearded baby whale who I small talked with at the clothing optional swimming pool at Mars Campgrounds in central Florida one Saturday afternoon. How we got on the subject of the websites I’m not sure, but he proceeded to tell me that he had dropped out of just a week after he posted his profile and pics, since the over 700 hits he received were too much to wade through. 700 hits? Huh?

A second guy I encountered while we both munched on our free lunch at the Club Fort Lauderdale’s Saturday afternoon barbecue, clad only in towels. He was a flight attendant who flicked all over the place and who kept reminding me how his beautiful blue eyes were enough to draw barely legals to have his dick in their mouths or up their butts. All I could think was how those beautiful blue eyes had been wasted on one of the homeliest guys I ever saw.

My third was middle aged Vito at Lauderdale’s Leather Inn – again both of us were stark naked at the pool – who for an Italian American had an uncharacteristic three inch dick. He went on about his sexy trophy girlfriend who he fucked the shit out of when the two of them weren’t screwing around with his fuck buddies.

That’s when it finally hit me. If guys like these who on my Dickter Scale of Hotness were 1.5’s thought they were such hot shit, what the fuck was going through the minds of The Truly Beautiful People in this Life?

Is this why so many of us – me included – wait for someone to come up to us instead of us making the move? Do we all think we’re just too good?

Then there are the guys on the web who apparently have led a charmed life and whose super egos can’t take rejection. Hell, for every guy who tells me I’m hot, there are 20 who, based on their profile, should be interested in me, but who say “thanks but no thanks.” Am I pissed or frustrated or depressed? Sure, but I just move on. Yet in just the last couple of weeks I’ve had two guys who I very politely said “no thanks “ to who got all bent out of shape, one calling me an asshole, the other wishing I got AIDS. These are people you’d invite over your house for some playtime?

Let’s face it: all humans have egos: Level 1. We homos are in our love with our own sex: Level 2. Then there are those of us who are in love with ourselves: Level 3. And then there are those of us who think we are God’s gift to Gaydom: Level 4.

Defense mechanism or reality? A by-product of the “You’re beautiful – I’m beautiful” mentality of our society? Or just a reality of This Life? Who knows?

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