The Jungwirth Affair

The Jungwirth Affair

Now l don’t know if this made the national gay wires, but just before the big Labor Day weekend, a scumbag known in central and south Florida circles named Craig Jungwirth, using the pic of someone else, posted a series of menacing messages on Facebook, like “if you losers thought the Pulse nightclub shooting was bad, wait till you see what l’m planning for Labor Day.” In one of his other messages he revealed the locale for his supposed attack: the bars of Wilton Manors, South Florida’s gay ghetto and a vacation destination for millions of both domestic and international tourists annually.

Now Jungwirth is a gay man who already attempted to screw other gay men by committing fraud. He posted on the web bogus activities for SoFlo’s annual, highly popular Bear Weekend, and guys bought tickets from him not knowing he had nothing to do with the event. And this was just one of a number of evil acts this unhinged guy committed on other gays.

Obviously nothing happened, and whether the threats made a dent in business that weekend is hard to say. Yeah, things were a bit quieter than we usually experience, but you gotta remember Hurricane Hermine was hitting the West Coast of Florida and usually a lot of Tampa and St. Pete’s guys and gals would come down on these long holiday weekends to party in Lauderdale. Instead they were back home protecting their property. But it was obvious everyone was still on edge.

Thanks to the FBI and assistance from Facebook, authorities were able to trace the threats made in his name to Jungwirth though he denied he was the culprit. He is now sitting in jail awaiting trial, but, get this, he may walk away Scot free since some legal experts feel his rantings may be protected under the first amendment freedom of speech clause. For in order for charges to stick, authorities must prove intent, l guess uncovering a garage full of bombs, guns and ammunition that can be linked to Jungwirth.

Go figure.


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