My “Whip It Out!” Poll

My “Whip It Out!” Poll

Psychotherapists and sex therapists agree: there’s no “normal” when it comes to the amount of times a guy masturbates.

Some guys just have a higher sex drive than others, or maybe more opportunities. Some do it a lot because they’re in love with themselves, others to release sexual tensions (like seeing the same fucken hunk every morning in the line at Starbucks), or maybe they just haven’t been getting much lately. But as l’ve said before, as opportunities for virtual sex have imploded with the internet, some guys actually prefer that over the real thing.

Or maybe we’re a little anxious whether that prospective employer plans to check our Facebook page and sees that behind our nerdy exterior lies a real jerk and you j-o as a diversion. Or maybe it’s a rainy Saturday afternoon and you’re just fucken bored until you remember there’s a new video on Bound Jocks you meant to check out…

Unless playing with yourself is negatively impacting on your life, like being obsessed to jack off over your sister’s new hubbie’s brother – at her wedding  – or being chronically late for work because your toothbrush reminds you of a hard dick … hell, what’s the problem?

So take my poll. How many times do you “do it?” I’ll publish my results in a future blog. My thanks to Men’s Fitness Sex Files column for the medical data.

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