Another Installment of My Advice Column, Go Ask Daddy

Another Installment of My Advice Column, Go Ask Daddy

Buddy: l often travel domestically for my job and so have plenty of opportunities to play in cities across the country. But whether it’s on a hook-up site, phone app, or a local bar, l always hesitate when a guy who lives nearby insists he come to my hotel to play. Sometimes he says he’s partnered or has four roommates or lives with his mother, but even though it may be a deal breaker and l’m horny as hell, l just don’t  feel right about inviting a stranger up to my room. Tell me l’m paranoid.

Daddy: No, you’re thinking with your first head not your second. Hate to bust some guys’ fantasy bubble but stats from the big boys like the FBI show there’s a much greater chance shit will happen – like robbing you or worse – if he comes to your place than if you go to his. While the reasons you describe for him not being able to host may be valid, you really have no way of knowing they’re just a ploy to get you alone in your room, do a number on you, then quietly slip away. If you have a buddy system with someone back home, you might text him you’re about to play with “Long and Hard” on Manhunt but that ain’t gonna do much good when he’s strangled you with your own tank top for kicks. So if he insists, your place or no dick, just move on. Unless he’s a repeat fling from a past trip you’re be safer to hit the local tubs. Or x-tube.

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