What Did Last Night’s Mr. Ramrod Contest Have To Do with The Presidential Debate?

What Did Last Night’s Mr. Ramrod Contest Have To Do with The Presidential Debate?

Last night the Ramrod, Fort Lauderdale’s leather bar, held its annual Mr. Ramrod contest, you know, to choose the so-called hottie  we will be sending to next year’s  IML. The crowd has been getting lighter and lighter every year but my favorite bartender, John, who actually puts liquor in my drinks, blamed the debate, but l think the real reason is Father Time. Scanning around the crowd, I guesstimated the median age was about 45. It’s gettin’ real depressing and kind of pathetic when you see these guys who look like grandfathers still hobbling around in leather with their asses hanging out. Young guys are just not stepping up to the plate and l predict the scene as we once knew it will be history within a decade.

Anyway, I watched part of the debate before I left and recorded it to catch the rest of it when I got home. Bottom line: as usual, they brought up topics that are meaningless to all of us when it comes to what will happen to this country. I don’t give one fuck what dirty words Trump used in describing women  (we already knew he viewed most women as fuck machines) or about Hillary’s 33,000 missing emails. Trump, in particular, used diversional tactics, like bringing up Bill’s past indiscretions –  again what the hell has that got to do with what the next President will do for me – to take the heat off himself without giving much in the way of specifics on how he planned to deal with our problems. For all her excess baggage, Hillary still came out as a sane, reasonable and highly knowledgeable individual and certainly probably the most qualified person to ever run for the office. She did her best to not waste time responding to Trump’s bullshit but masterfully offered her rather detailed recommendations on what could be done on various issues. Even if you don’t agree with her strategies, would you rather trust a guy who says leave it up to me, l’ll handle it?

Sure Hil’s  had her fuck ups, sure she’s made mistakes, and Trump jumped on her for all the things he felt she screwed up on as Senator and Secretary of State. But it’s easy to jump on somebody when you’ve never done the job yourself. Meanwhile, he supposedly lost almost a billion dollars in 1995 which he used as a tax write off so he would not have to pay taxes for almost another 18 years. Give me a break! He can’t even run his businesses right and he’s up Hillary’s ass?

Polls taken during and right after the debate gave Hillary a slight edge over Trump in terms of who the public thought won. Hell, she should have been 30 points ahead.  I may be an agnostic but I hope to God this edge gets her into the White House.

Hillary summed up the night best when she said, “When they go low, you go high.”

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