Tomorrow Night’s The Last Slugfest Between Sir Donald and Hil….

Tomorrow Night’s The Last Slugfest Between Sir Donald and Hil….

…and while Hillary’s war chest, largely the result of wealthy donors, dwarfs Trumps, the story is in the details. Unlike Hillary, most of the billionaire Don’s donations were five or ten bucks, much like Sanders’ supporters, which implies he still has the Average Joe and Jill solidly behind him, like the blue collar workers who love him because he speaks their language and include bigots, skirt chasers, and white supremacists.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize there are a hell of a lot more of them out there than the one per centers.

There are even women, despite his sexist comments and suspected “inappropriate” behavior, who remain loyal. When Big Gun Republicans like Paul Ryan were deserting their Party’s Top of the Ticket man, women were flashing placards, “Better to grab a pussy than be one.”

Plus there are some Millennials who wanted Sanders and hate Hillary who may vote for a third party candidate. Throwing their vote in that direction, a vote Hillary would have gotten, could put Sir Don in the White House.

Let’s hope tomorrow night’s debate speaks to the issues and doesn’t sound like a TV version of the National Enquirer. Then again, the last two debates were rating winners, so maybe dirty talk is all the American people wanna hear.

Me? l don’t care if the President is a drag queen, a transgender in transition, or somebody who fucks their dog. All l wanna know is what ya gonna do for me.

If l were Chris Wallace, the debate referee, I would stop either of them in mid-sentence if he or she starts talking about the opponent’s indiscretions, or his damn tax return or her fucken e-mails, and stick to the issues.


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