Sir Don and Lady Hil: Any More Excess Baggage?

Sir Don and Lady Hil: Any More Excess Baggage?

In this age of digital media, nothing is scared nor secret. While I’m still voting for Hillary, the naked hypocrisy on both sides is becoming irritating. But I wonder how the world would have reacted if past Presidents or President Wannabes were under the same relentless 24/7 cable news watch as they are today:

Washington slept here. And here and there, maybe with every chamber maid from New York to Virginia?

Jefferson, the author of “The Declaration of Independence” made babies with his slaves.

Andrew Jackson and his bigamous wife thought she was divorced from her first husband when she married him but wasn’t.

Buchanan, possibly our first gay President, had his BF live with him in the White House and was known to be a cross-dresser.  Boy, I wonder what the smartphone videophiles would have done with that.

Honest Abe may have had a thing going when he was young with a fellow law school buddy.

Grover Cleveland had an illegitimate kid.

Some suspected Run Around Harding didn’t die of a heart attack while in office but was poisoned by his homely wife who had had enough of his shit.

Most of the country never knew they had a President who was paralyzed, the result of polio, since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s inner circle made sure he was never photographed in his wheelchair. (Only one picture in his wheelchair exists.) Or that he died of a stroke while with his girlfriend or that revered Eleanor had a possible lesbian relationship with a “mannish” reporter.

Eisenhower, as Head Commander during WWII, had a Brit girlfriend on the side.

The Kennedy brothers, Jack and Bobbie, may have had Marilyn Monroe drugged to keep her mouth shut about her affairs with both of them. Yes, she wanted JFK to leave Jackie and marry her, and supposedly Jackie knew all about MM.

Lyndon Johnson was a womanizer with a capital W. A running joke of the time had a party girl lying down on a bed when she hears a voice with a familiar Texas twang whisper, “Move over honey, this is  your President.”

By the time we get to Bill Clinton, hiding indiscretions were a lot harder. The media was too big and diverse to hide from.

But my question is: is there more shit to dig up today or just better ways to find it?

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