Double Booking

Double Booking

O.K., you’re confronted with this delightful dilemma. You got two out-of-town guys off the apps who like you, really like you, I mean, you-could-hang-clothes-from-their-dicks like you. (Just no clothespins, thank you.) Only there’s one problem. Both of them will be in town the same day and only that day (business, family, or he’s holding a memorial service for his dead goldfish on the beach). And they’re not sure when they will be available that day to worship your dick, ass or you theirs.

Or maybe it’s new  local guys who want you the same day – same shit.

So, what you do?

Silly boy, you double book.

Hey restaurants do it, so do the airlines. Sure, I know, you should be so lucky to potentially have two the same day, but it happens.

But, you ask, why not just solidify the date with the guy you like, you really like and, if the other one just can’t do it another time, well, so be it. As my momma often said, better to grab the bird in hand than wait for the two in the bush.

But that’s not a very good strategy if you want to heighten your odds of getting laid. Why?  Those of you who play the web as addictively as I do know the answer already. Because guys on the web are notorious for not doing what they said they were going to do. Like come through when they promised they would. It’s happened to me twice with two out-of-towners just last week who were dying to see me until they spied the naked guy lying on the lounge chair next to them at the clothing optional gay guesthouse they were staying at.

So in the end, when two guys say they’ve got Tuesday free (and only Tuesday free) and you’re not sure yet what time each of them will be around and, more importantly, whether either of them will come through at all, you say, “sure buddy, why not?” to both.

So what are your possible scenarios?

1. One of them is real, usually the one who’s pretty direct and doesn’t go on and on with the dirty talk (that almost always means the guy’s getting off on line, not on you). You hope Mr. Right On Time is the cuter of the two but, bottom line, chances are you’ll at least get your rocks off.

2. Neither fuck comes through. OK, that’s why God created


3. Both of them come through, you lucky fuck, I think. Either (a) you hope you get a bit of a break between them so Mr. Peter can recharge or (b) if one date “blends” into the other’s time, you hope you can get a threesome going.

Just as long as you don’t end up the odd man out in your own bedroom.



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