The Web is Dead

The Web Is Dead

I don’t think l’ll create as much of a hullabaloo with that pronouncement as when the Beatles said God is dead. But what l mean is the traditional hook-up sites like Manhunt that started the whole 24/7 sexual smorgasbord phenomena, even when they have mobile versions, are losing out to the new Boys in Town like Scruff or Grindr. Guys seem to dig the whole GPS thing, you know, zoning in on a guy two weight presses away in the gym or six yards from him in a crowded bar or even in Checkout Aisle 6 at Walmart while he’s stuck in 4 behind some mommy with two brats pulling on her too tight pullover while she unloads enough food from her cart to supply the bomb shelters we’ll all need if Sir Donald wins.

Why the shift in popularity from the laptop bound sites to phone apps? I just said why. It’s  quicker. In the time it takes to boot up my laptop,  I can go through the  dozen or so hookup sites  on my phone and check to see if anybody loves me.  That way my ego can be deflated in about 57 seconds vs. 10 minutes.

But like I’ve said before, phone apps are not necessarily more productive for the bedroom as more and more guys l’m convinced are either just flirting or playing games. While they’re at work!

This year, for the first time since smartphones became an indispensable part of our lives, purchases conducted on phones eclipsed, though just slightly, purchases done on laptops. So can the same thing be true when it comes to getting sex for real or virtually?

I think so.

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