Okay, So Now What?

Okay, So Now What?


That was the text my neighbor leaving for work sent me at 7:30 a.m. this morning while I was still asleep with my doggies. She and I had watched the election returns together the night before until around 10 when already the trend towards Trump was building. But I honestly expected to wake up to a tie which would then have to be decided by the House of Representatives. But as her one word message told me, that was not to be.

When our country was in its infancy and the ink hadn’t dried yet on the Constitution, people wanted to bestow on our Chief Executive Officer the title of King, but savvy and wiser than most people give him credit for George Washington sternly refused, and it was he who came up with, “Call me Mr. President.”

Well, good old George is probably flipping his powdered wig right now, because the narrow-minded   have won over the fair minded to elect America’s first monarch, King Trump. During the campaign he offered little in the way of specifics on how he would fix things  – “Just trust me” – or when he did,  they were draconian – ” ship ‘em back.” One fight with North Korea’s nuclear happy nut job and we may soon be talking about San Francisco or Honolulu in the past tense.

Now your basic job as President is to play manager over people smarter than you, known formally as your Cabinet. But l don’t care if Trump recruits a cabinet of Albert Einsteins. If he didn’t listen to his advisors during the campaign, do you think he will listen to anybody now that he has the power?

So how did it happen?

From the start, Trump’s popularity lay in his role as a Washington outsider, and it was this disgust and frustration with our do-nothing politicians I think that above all gave him the votes he needed to win.

While Hillary did well in the cities where the intelligentsia, the professionals, and, yes, where us gays tend to reside, Trump, the billionaire, succeeded with the rural folks, “the common man,” i.e., White America who want things the way they were when women and minorities were second class citizens and gays stayed in the closet. Sexism by men as well as women against Hilary and pure undiluted hatred of the Clintons also played a role.

But did apathy also help the Trump train? While blacks vote mostly Democratic, less showed up at the polls this time than when their man was running. And last night while I was watching the returns, two of my regular tricks texted me “Looking?” as if they were oblivious to what was happening. Here in Florida, where nine million cast their ballots, Trump took the state by just one hundred thousand votes. Had more gays and minorities voted, would the outcome had been different? Many other states mirrored such close tallies.

Plus hundreds of thousands of votes went to third party candidates who had no chance of winning, votes that might have gone to Hillary. What were these people, some suspect pissed off Sanders supporters, trying to do? Make a statement? Who’s listening now?

This morning, Trump talked of bringing us together but that was just talk. I sincerely believe that a Republican Administration, with the Pubs in control of Congress, and Pence, the homophobic’s homophobic as VP and businessman Trump’s close political advisor, will likely mean a roll-back on many of the hard fought for rights we now enjoy. Kiss potential legislation that promises us equal rights under the law when it comes to housing and employment goodbye. And as the Republicans have done with making it harder and harder for women to have an abortion, King Trump and his gang of righteous assholes will do everything they can to eviscerate gay marriage.

The only hope is that there may be enough Republicans in Congress who hate his guts who will stonewall him; or he does something so outrageous like ruffling the feathers of that nut in North Korea to impeach him, but that would only leave us with gay hater Pence as President.

Even worse, Trump will have the chance to appoint as many as three new justices to the Supreme Court during his reign, no doubt tight assed fucks who will put the progressive social agenda back twenty years or more.

I’m most concerned that Trump’s mere election as President will empower the bigots and homo-haters to lash out at us in ways that could make the Nazis’ actions against the Jews child’s play, convinced their actions are now legitimized.

As good old Bette said in “All About Eve, “Fasten your seatbelts. We’re in for a bumpy ride.”

Me and my neighbor plus a couple of buddies of mine were already contemplating defection to Bolivia where we’d open an All-Gay B and B Resort if Sir Donald won. All the help would be under 25, their only attire a jockstrap.

Hey it beats hangin’ around till they ship us all to those concentration camps they’ll be building for us in North Dakota.



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