Will Facebook Be Blamed For Allowing a Possible Criminal To Go Free?

Will Facebook Be Blamed For Allowing a Possible Criminal To Go Free?

Just before the big Labor Day weekend, Craig Jungwirth, a scumbag known in central and south Florida circles for stalking gay men and who has several restraining orders against him, allegedly posted a series of menacing messages on Facebook, like “if you losers thought the Pulse nightclub shooting was bad, wait till you see what l’m planning for Labor Day.” In one of his other messages he revealed the locale for his supposed attack: the bars of Wilton Manors, South Florida’s gay ghetto and a vacation destination for millions of both domestic and international tourists annually.

Jungwirth was arrested, incarcerated and was charged with the federal crime of making threats on line. The source of the messages was traced to a pc in his mother’s home in Orlando where Jungwirth, essentially broke, was living at the time.

But here’s the kicker: Jungwirth has FIFTH NINE Facebook profiles and the federal prosecutors have yet to identify which, if any, of these profiles were used to make the threats, which could lead to Jungwirth being released on bond or even exonerated of the charges. His defense is attempting to make the case that with Wi-Fi accessible in many public places, anyone could have made these threats by hacking Jungwirth’s connections. The prosecutors are currently obtaining search warrants to check FB further.

Regardless whether Jungwirth is guilty or innocent, why does anyone have or need FIFTY NINE profiles? Shouldn’t FB limit that perhaps to 5, and have posters provide their SS number so there is a way to police and link any postings?

Meanwhile, the FB Convent Nuns worry about male genitals showing through clothing, and will suspend individuals who post such pixs. I was one of them.

Give me a break!!


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