Getting Off The Assembly Editing Way

Getting Off The Assembly Editing Way

It’s late at night and you know you should have been asleep an hour ago, or it’s early on a Saturday morning, like 5 or 6, and you want to sleep in late. But you have this compulsive, obsessive urge, no, absolute, unadulterated need to get off.

Maybe it’s the lingering tension of the day you need to release, maybe it was that cute guy ahead of you in line this morning at Starbucks, or Alex O’Loughlin in the last segment of “Hawaii-5-0” rising from his bed shirtless. Maybe it’s the way you got turned on by yourself walking pass your bedroom mirror naked, or just touching your body in bed for no reason. All you know, Mr. Peter is alive and well – very alive – and he won’t take no or later for an answer.

You’re too lazy to whip out some porn or boot up your laptop or tablet and pull up your Fave Five video clips on So what do you do? You turn to your body’s biggest sexual organ, your brain, and start running those virtual video clips inside your head. While they may be of that real hot fucker you had last week, or last night, you know the one that keeps your dick twitching while your boring str8 co-workers babble on about their kids’ soccer match in the lunchroom, more likely you create a fantasy montage in your mind of the best of the best guys you’ve had or would like to have. After all, does when or who really matter?

The feel of Greg’s grizzly beard against yours, or the hairs on Hap’s chest through your fingers, petting Nelson’s furry belly or Tim’s muscular furry back or licking Dennis’ great fuzzy beefy butt. Tasting that nice cut seven incher with the mushroom head Bob waved in front of you on your last visit to his place by the beach, or maybe that hot no-name dick that stared at you impatiently from some gloryhole. Or Brice’s low hangers you like to grab from behind with his muscular legs spread and his butt in your face. You sticking your tongue up Holt’s hairy hole or what you think that hairy hole of your cutie at Starbucks smells like, before you slide in your tool and watch it go in and out as the hairs around that magical man hole envelopes it. Or watching Phil rub his beard against the shaft of your dick before he swallows it ….

There you go. Grab that dirty gym sock off the floor, clean yourself up and it’s –

Nighty night.


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