The Gay (Feminist) (Black) (Latino) Agenda Is DEAD.

The Gay (Feminist) (Black) (Latino) Agenda Is DEAD.


If l didn’t say it before, I’ll say it now: The gay activists went about it all wrong. They fought for and won gay marriage which benefits only a minority of gays and for whom  only a minority of gays give a damn about, instead of trying to secure our full civil rights as taxpaying citizens of the U.S., much like the civil rights legislation won by and for blacks in the sixties. If that had happened, and I’m not saying it would be easy or even possible even under Obama, gay marriage would have come as part of the package. But if you ask the average gay man what’s most important to him, prohibiting by law discrimination in employment and housing would be at the top of his list, gay marriage number twenty six.

Now the opportunity to achieve that has come and gone. For generations.

Perhaps forever.

Why do l say that?

First, unless you’re totally oblivious to the world around you, the tight ass Conservatives, the white supremacist Alt-Right Movement (despite Trump publicly  disavowing them for l suspect PR reasons) and the Religious Right  – yes,  the Religious Right are now in charge of the asylum.

Pence? A homophobic’s homophobic who if he had his way would round us all up and put us in conversion camps.

Gingrich? The Father of the Extreme Right Tea Party movement.

Bannon? A neo-Nazi spokesman for the Alt-Righters.

Guliani? Hell l was in New York City at the turn of this century when as mayor he closed the sex clubs and help foster the demise of the seedy West Village to urban development which spelled the death knell of NYC’s deliciously decadent gay scene.

Pissed that a bunch of lawyers in their own little ivory tower better known as the Supreme Court could make gay marriage legal in all states with the simple wave of their collective magic wand, narrow-minded, puritanical, bigoted America which knows no race boundaries and the religious zealots made sure they put into power the guys who would seek revenge. Big time. Wait until religious beliefs legitimizing discrimination becomes the law of the land.

Secondly, and even more devastating, long after the Trump Administration goes down in the history books will be his lasting imprint on the Supreme Court. President Trump will have the rare opportunity to appoint as many as three new justices and get them approved by the Republican dominated Congress faster than a slick dick can fuck a loose hole. And you can bet your next load they ain’t gonna be Friends of Dorothy, a term used by gays prior to gay liberation as a code to describe followers of gay icon, Judy Garland, whose most enduring legacy was as Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz.”  In fact, the guy Trump is zeroing in on to fill the vacant seat held by the late ultra-conservative Anthony Scalia has already described abortion as an “abomination.” Get the picture? He and his future cohorts will tip the scale against social progress for decades to come.

And for those who are trying to get enough of the Electoral College reps to change their vote to Hillary (who won the popular vote) when they formally crown the next President on December 19, each voting individually in their respective states, I’d like to know what kind of grass you’re smokin’. That never happened in our history; the closest that it did was in 1876 when Tilden won the popular vote but neither he nor Rutherford B. Hayes won a majority of the electoral votes.  The mess ended  up in the House of Representatives where some backroom politicing led to Hayes being declared President. And if it did happen, can you imagine the insurrection in the streets when the red blooded American white males who voted for Trump feel castrated a second time? (The first was when a black man -OMG! – was elected President.)

When l express my concerns to buddies, they more or less say to wait and see, give the guy a chance, that things aren’t as dark as l’m painting them. Wasn’t that the false optimism some anti-Nazi Germans, including many German Jews, expressed when Hitler rose to power?

Want proof? In just the single week following the election, over 400 incidents of harassment by those who feel legitimized by Trump’s win were documented against minorities, ten per cent of them against gays. And their guy hasn’t even been sworn into office yet.

So, to all the gays who were too busy getting laid or getting high to vote …

…to all the women who, like many white men, didn’t want a woman President or who hated Hillary for standing by her man in his infidelity…

…to all the blacks who were too lazy to vote because she wasn’t black. …

…to all the Latinos, particularly Cubans, who voted Republican though it was a Democrat, JFK, who welcomed them after Castro came to power…

…to the Sanders groupies who threw away a vote that might have gone to Clinton and instead voted for an impossible to win third party candidate to make some kind of asshole political statement… (Clinton lost all of Florida’s electoral votes by just 100,000, while third party candidates garnered 200,000 votes – go do the math.)

.. and finally to half the electorate who didn’t come out because they were too busy eating their potato chips or figured Hillary was a done deal …

To all of you, l have only one thing to say:

Welcome to Hell.

Along with the rest of us.

l’m beginning to feel like a Jew in 1932 Germany.

Thanks to Florida’s Sun Sentinel for the political carton that appeared in today’s paper.

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