Why Are These People Smiling?

aids-day-adWhy Are These People Smiling?

Tomorrow is World AIDS Day, a perfect time to spit out another one of my sermonettes on the HIV epidemic which continues to grow over thirty years after we knew a bad bottle of poppers or toilet seats weren’t the cause. This pic appeared in a recent ad for a new HIV med.  Most of these faces are young, and all I can ask is why are people still getting infected? Are lust and hormones and blind trust in what a guy tells you his HIV status responsible?


I’ve been sexually active since LBJ was President and now as a “Daddy” continue to be more popular than ever, and I can tell point-blank, barebacking isn’t making a comeback – it never left.

It’s obvious to me the condom campaign fostered by the powers-to-be in our community and the health care machine has failed miserably. Will increased use of PrEP not just by the young but 40 plus gays as well eventually save the day? Or that vaccine or cure they say may be just around the corner?

Who knows. I lived through and survived the AIDS crisis (for all my sleeping around and poz friendly attitude when it comes to sex, I’m still negative)  and when I see people young enough to be my my sons or daughters still getting infected, all I can ask is:


Remember those smiling faces will be costing all of us billions of dollars in avoidable health care resources for decades to come.

Still smiling?

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