I first got enamored with the idea of doing it with a girl-to-guy transgender after l read a story in Men’s Fitness last year about a gym in the Midwest that caters exclusively to gals-to guys. (Check out my blog at Transgenders need to take testosterone on a daily basis but because they weren’t born with the same skeleto-muscular frame as us genuine articles, they have to work a hell of a lot harder.

But what was amazing were the pics of some of them. Because of the sex hormone, their body and facial features became more masculine and some even were even able TRANSPOSE_Joshua-Klipp_28janv2012_0to sprout body hair and beards! The result? They looked like some of the hotties that make my dick stir when l see them out and about in Queer World, Fort Lauderdale.

From what l understand, surgeons use the clitoris which frankly is an undeveloped penis just as guy’s pecs are undeveloped breasts as the basis for their new tool. In a documentary about a guy who was born without a penis l caught on the Discovery Channel, l learned they can now create a dick from skin on the inner lower arm. The guy still needs one of those penis implants to pump it up when he wants an erection but there’s sensation so, barring the real thing, it TRANSPOSE_Julian-Camire_0sounds like a good deal. (Funny about that guy born without a tool. All his buddies thought he was the ladies man and he satisfied the chicks he slept with which goes to show what you can do with your fingers and tongue when you’re creative.)

Thus my curiosity to have sex with a transgender male. It’s the writer of erotic gay fiction in me that wants to explore new frontiers. (Sure, you sick fuck, you’re probably thinking.) There’s even a dating site for such connections though l haven’t really explored it yet.

This brings me to the point of this blog: recently a older guy from the Midwest who looked like he should be milking cows hit me and others up l’m sure on one of the websites with a pic of himself and his 18 year old boy. The duo would be vacationing in Lauderdale and Dad  was looking for takers to fuck his boy while he watched. His boy it turns out was once a girl and while his “top surgery” was done, he still had his pussy! (It’s getting increasingly  hard to decide which pronouns to use when you talk about this shit.)

So, gentlemen, l’d like to hear from you on whether you’d walk the wild side… (above pics are actual gal-to-guy transgenders) …





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