The Sex Addict: A Lonely Life. By Design.

The Sex Addict: A Lonely Life. By Design.

The sex addict makes making it his first and only priority. Everything else – job, family, success – is secondary.

The sex addict is continually on the hunt for fresh meat. Second go-arounds with the same guy are a bore no matter how good the sex was the first time around.

The sex addict has no time for conversation unless it leads to the bedroom or the backroom.

The sex addict wants no friends. Friends get in the way of the hunt. Socializing is time that could be spent pursuing dick.

The sex addict puts all his energies into looking good not making good.

The sex addict thinks about his next conquest even as he’s doing the last one.

The sex addict plays the websites for hours like a day trader or gambler, always hopeful he’ll be a winner with the next click.

The sex addict delights in the sex clubs and the bath houses where indiscriminate sex is alive and well – and sometimes even available. Bars are for guys who are into friends, not fucking.

The sex addict counts his life in conquests not loves. Love is for the weak.

The sex addict views sex as a numbers game. Quantity is more important than quality.

The sex addict has lofty standards but settles more times than he admits. The sex is all that matters.

The sex addict’s life is a lonely life.

Exactly the way he wants it.


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