Get Over It!

Get Over It!

Today’s the day the members of the Electoral College each vote in their respective states to officially certify the Presidential election and crown Sir Donald  – or not…

You’ve got Hollywood celebs trying to convince Electors to “vote their conscience…”

You’ve got the looking for a cause junkies protesting in the streets with their “Not My President” placards…

You’ve got Pelosi and her daughter and other mainline Democrats demanding a full investigation into accusations by our intelligence agencies that the Russians hacked our election, though they admit no actual votes were altered, only some people’s minds when they were bombarded with the Wikileaks about the Clinton Foundation, etc…

You’ve got reporters asking Obama at his last press conference if he thought Putin himself was behind the election hacking, the reason being Putin would rather have a political novice than a seasoned politico in the White House…

You’ve got others rightly questioning the motives of the FBI chief pulling out that eleventh hour bullshit about additional potentially damaging e-mails on Clinton’s close aid’s lap, the one with the philandering pedophile-wannabe husband, Anthony Weiner, who should have thrown her hubby under the bus years ago…

You’ve got people including those who supported Trump questioning some of his proposed Cabinet choices  like the EPA designate who thinks global warming is bullshit, or his proposed secretary of state appointee who’s “in like Flynn*” with Putin because of his business dealings with the Russians as head of Exxon…

You’ve got “fair and balanced” Ultra Right Fox News who more than any other media outlet kept the Clinton e-mailing scandal alive a lot longer than it should have been, and super liberal CNN and dying print media like the New York Times and Washington Post questioning Trump’s every fart as Sir Donald wisely circumvents all of them by going straight to his public via his Twitter tweets which are now the core of Big Media’s news reports, ’cause that’s all they got to work with …

You’ve got the constitutional lawyers questioning ethically how Sir Don plans to divest himself of his billion dollar empire without it possibly coloring his decisions as President, or involving his suave kids in White House affairs…

To all of them, I’ve got only one thing to say:

Get over it.

Yea, l voted for Hil but Trump’s got the power now, baby, and frankly he doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks.

Because he doesn’t have to.

Unless he podcasts himself fucking some broad, he’s our President for the next four years.

So deal with it.

A president in order to be impeached which means he’s only accused and then stands trial before Congress must commit “high crimes and misdemeanors.” You mind telling me what that’s supposed to mean?

Trump is either going down as our worst President or a trailblazer who changed the office forever.

Or maybe, just maybe, he’s gonna kick some ass.

It’s about fucken time.


*Errol Flynn was a super handsome movie actor of the thirties and forties who was a prolific womanizer and once was even on trial for raping a minor, a charge for which he was acquitted. Now get the picture  what “in like Flynn” means?


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