Fifty Shades of Gay: II

Fifty Shades of Gay: II

Sure, there are as many shades of gay as stripes in the Pride Rainbow flag. But what I  disagree with which is against prevailing propaganda in our so-called collective LGBT community is that gay girls, gay guys, transgenders and transsexuals are all cut from the same cloth. I think there are very different psyches operating within and between homosexual women, homosexual men, guys who get their kicks dressing up, and individuals who genuinely think and feel like one sex but have the equipment of the other between their legs.

We are not all alike and, frankly, I’m tired of all of us being thrown in the same sandbox, not only by “society” but by this “Community” the media, show biz, and some activists have created, often for their own self-interests, not mine.

Now, I can’t speak for gay girls or transsexuals since I haven’t known enough of them in my life to play even dime store psychiatrist, but when it comes to transgenders, please, pray tell me, what fucking gay man who likes his own sex would willingly have his dick sliced off, huh??

Nor am I being judgmental when I say this since I truly believe that as long as someone does not physically and/or psychologically abuse another individual and is not looking for a hand-out to carry on a lifestyle, it’s that person’s business how he or she conducts his or her life. Hey like I’ve written in previous blogs, I’m even entertaining having sex with a transgender.

That’s not to say the world is ready to accept all of us with open arms, but we all have to concede things are a thousand times better no matter what our “kink” than they were just a generation ago.

But let’s get back to what it is to be homosexual for me. There are some gays, not the majority, but some who love the lifestyle as much as or even more than the “Sexual Act.”

They’re the ones who bankroll, chat on, even write pro-PR blogs about the bars and the parties and the events and the cruises and the music and the celebs and the GQ look. All very nice, even envied by some outsiders (read straights) looking in, but very surface and cursory.

Me? Sure I drift in and out of that world as I choose – like a cafeteria Catholic who picks  and chooses what the Vatican wants him or her to believe, I consider myself a cafeteria gay –  but the reason I like, yes, like being gay is because I’m a regular guy who tries to stay in shape (but not as a steroid junkie, gym addict or leather man) because I want to feel like a man when I’m fortunate enough to have a like-man next to me where I can feel and smell (no deodorant please) his masculinity. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be a hell of a lot simpler and far more socially acceptable just to do it with a woman?

The problem for those of us who think like me is that all that other shit – society and our own “coveted” Lifestyle – gets in the way.

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