Homophobic Terrorist Off The Hook Because of Facebook? Maybe.

Homophobic Terrorist Off The Hook Because of Facebook? Maybe.

You may recall that just before last year’s Labor Day weekend, a homophobic scumbag known in central and south Florida circles named Craig Jungwirth posted a series of menacing messages on Facebook, like “if you losers thought the Pulse nightclub shooting was bad, wait till you see what l’m planning for Labor Day.” In one of his other messages he revealed the locale for his supposed attack: the bars of Wilton Manors, South Florida’s gay ghetto and a vacation destination for millions of both domestic and international tourists annually. And this was just one of a number of evil acts this unhinged guy committed on other gays.

Okay, they caught the jerk, living with his mommy, and threw him in jail to await trial on hate crimes or worse. But earlier this week he was freed because the judge claimed the case made by the prosecutors was “weak,” despite the fact the threats were sent from his mommy’s laptop. It turns out Jungwirth maintained FIFTY NINE profiles on Facebook and investigators were unable to identify which profile he made the threats on.

He remains in custody for two other petty,unrelated crimes but it looks like he’s been cleared of the charge that would have kept him behind bars for a long time.

Should we blame Facebook for this mess? I mean, why should anyone be allowed FIFTY NINE profiles? I was frozen out by Facebook once for 30 days because the shadow of my penis was supposedly showing through my shorts in a pic I posted. To get back on I had to take a pic of my driver’s license and e it to them to show I was me. And the prosecutors and FB who they turned to for assistance couldn’t figure out which profiles were Jungwirth’s?

Sloppy! Or maybe nobody gives a shit.

Will the gay community suffer the same fate as mainstream society where some nut who perpetrated a heinous act was later found to have been monitored, then dropped by authorities? In fact, the FBI had Omar Mateen under investigation for nearly a year, then stopped. Will Pulse be only the beginning of our own terrorist streak?

Will the bigots figuring they got a license to “bigot” now that their man is in the White House up their acts against us?

What do you think?

Mariah Give It a Break!

This almost isn’t even worth a footnote.

The pop media has been buzzing all week about Mariah Carey’s audio malfunction on New Year’s Eve. It’s obvious she’s pumping it for every ounce of publicity she can get out of it. With a wildcard President taking office in two weeks, millions of Syrian refugees flooding Europe, and acts of terrorism becoming as common as catching a cold at work, is the plight of some diva who was lip-syncing her own shit anyway all we’ve got to talk about?

Who gives a fuck?

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