Some of the Stupidest Stuff l’ve Heard a Trick Say To Me

Some of the Stupidest  Stuff l’ve Heard a Trick Say To Me

After rimming my furry butt for twenty minutes, he asks,”Which bottled water is mine?”

After eating my dirty hole (hey, it was his request, not mine), he wants me to fuck him. “You’re gonna wear a condom, right? l only practice safe sex.”

After fucking him a half hour raw, l’m ready to shoot. He nods then says, “Just don’t cum in my mouth.”

After puffing away all night stuff you don’t wanna know is in it in between sucking my cock: “l think that new lub you bought is making me sick. Is it made to be ingested?”

He’s facing me, his furry legs are up on my shoulders and my raw, rigid daddy dick (hey, l should use that phrase in one of my books) is about ready to penetrate his hole: “You’re negative right?”

After driving thirty miles from Miami to have sex with me ( the pics on my profiles are like dog shit on a sidewalk, while his one pic was taken from the other side of a Walmart parking lot, but hey, when you’re horny, you’re horny), l open the door, the guy looks at least ten years older than his pic, but it’s the twirp who says to me: “l don’t think it’s gonna work out.”

You’re the one who just drove 30 miles.

Just don’t ask me for gas money.

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