Another lnstallment of My Advice Column, Go Ask Daddy

Another lnstallment of My Advice Column, Go Ask Daddy

Buddy: I met Jerry about a year ago and thought he was the one. And he said he felt the same way about me. So we moved in together. But while he continues to have the hots for me, l no longer dig him as much as l once did. I was honest enough to tell him that and he seemed to take it okay, but since our lease won’t be up for another three months, we agreed to continue to co-habitate as roommates. The problem is he still wants me and doesn’t take no for an answer even when l lock him out of the bedroom forcing him to sleep on the couch. I don’t have enough money to pay him my share on the rest of the lease, just get out now, and get my own place. What should l do?

Daddy: First we’re you one of those jerky couples who thought great sex was all you needed to make a relationship work? Now you’re both in a pickle, you for still being around to cocktease him, him for not taking no for an answer.

My advice? Work out some payment arrangement to satisfy your part of the rest of the three months’ rent ( maybe you can sell off some of your Star Wars memorabilia), and either go back living with mommy and daddy or sleeping on a friend’s couch until you can afford a cheap place of your own or a roommate for real. One expedient solution would be to rent a bedroom in someone else’s house and make sure you choose a landlady and not some dirty old man, though that might put a cramp on your sex life for a while. And next time think with your head not your dick before you enter into any long term financial arrangement with another guy. If you both think you’re one another’s soul mates, keep your own abodes – even if it means living with parents who drive you crazy – and spend weekends or perhaps vacation time to co-habitate at one or the other’s place to see if you can, well, stand one another 24/7. And that you truly share common interests, not just like the same brand of lube.

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