Racism Is Alive and Well – In the Bedroom

Racism Is Alive and Well – In the Bedroom

Now before some of you get bent out of shape by that statement, hear me out. Yea, l got my type when it comes to men, but unlike a lot of guys who state emphatically in their hook-up profiles stuff like “no blacks, no Asians, no Martians, and definitely no women,” l’m pretty eclectic in my bedroom romps. As long as the guy has that X Factor that makes my dick twitch, his ethnicity or race means nothing to me.

I’ll call him Dean though the real guy behind this true story knows l’m writing this. Dean, a tall, lightly furry, mid-thirties, handsome African American guy hit me up a few weeks ago, offering to be my sub. With vacuuming my house as my alternative activity for the afternoon, l immediately replied, “What the fuck, come on over.”

Now Dean who lived just a few minutes from me looked just like his pics and sounded like an intelligent regular guy. But as we got into it – me playing dad, him my boy –  he made a strange request to juice things up. Remember my blog on dirty talk in the bedroom? Well, Dean’s request topped them all. “I want you to keep calling me your (I think you can figure it out). It really turns me on.”

Now l was obviously hesitant to do what he asked, first, because it sounded kinda crude, and secondly l didn’t want him to rap me in the head or bite my tool off if l got too carried away. After all he was 6 foot 4 versus my 5 foot 6 increasingly shrinking frame.

But the more we got into it, and I uttered THOSE words the hotter we and the sex got.

Now in between all this racist slurring, Dean had mentioned to me he had a few injuries due to his active involvement in sports. So when we were through and he was dressing to leave, l innocently asked him, given his 6 foot four frame, ” Oh, did it happen playing basketball?”

To which Dean replied firmly but without malice, “Now that’s a racist stereotyping comment. Do you think we all play basketball?”

True story, l swear on the graves of George’s and mine nine dogs and one cat buried up at our Pennsylvania house.

This was just too good to make up.


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