Bait and Switch

Bait and Switch

Now when it comes to my web profiles, I’m pretty explicit and pretty honest (except for maybe my age which is in Manhunt years) as to who I am, what I look like and what I want. I’m five six, roughly 148, in shape, muscular, pretty hairy,   a negative top who also likes mutual oral. And I prefer versatile or bottom guys who are  masculine, in-shape, not perfect, 38-55. Hair is a definite plus but not a given. Pretty straight forward, right?

In fact, one of the reasons I gravitated to the web in the first place was because there,  so I thought, you eliminated the twenty questions and surprises that often accompany pick-ups in bars or even sexual venues like the baths. (Yes, you can wear the symbols like the armband on the right shit but that often isn’t enough; and hankies have gone out of style a long time ago.) So if I say I’m a top and the guy says he’s a bottom, if I tell the guy I’m negative and he tells me he’s negative, or “indistinguishable” well, that should be the realities the two of us are dealing with, huh?

Not always. Remember how Sears got into trouble years ago with a game called “bait and switch” where they lured customers in to buy a washing machine at one price only to badmouth the sale item enough that it convinced the consumer to go for the more expensive model? Well, it doesn’t happen often, but bait and switch is another tactic guys are using who play the web or phone apps for real – meaning not just for virtual sex but to actually – yea actually – press the flesh:

He says he’s has an “athletic” build and shows up looking like he lived in as refrigerator for the past year.

You get hard over the pic of his wavy black hair and beard and he comes clean shaven and a cue ball or grayer than my grandmother, and she’s been dead thirty years.

You say you’re a top, he tells you he wants to get plowed, and from the moment you connect, he’s aiming his cock for your butt.

You advertise for a blow job buddy and hook up supposedly with a married man who wants to get his cock sucked. He’s nothing great but you starting doing your duty for God and country when he asks you if you bottom.  Huh??

The best? The guy who arrives isn’t the guy in the picture and he admits it! Lucky for him he still has something going for him and my Viagra high is just about ready to peak.


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