Heil Trump!

Heil Trump!

It may be with a lower case H, at least for now, but the similarities and parallels between our current President and the most evil man in the history of the world are uncanny and unnervingly frightening:

Hitler was a megalomaniac who felt all-powerful and God-like; Trump, the egomaniac’s egomaniac, is running the country like it was another one of his corporations, bypassing Congress, which is supposed to be the voice of the people, whenever he can.

Hitler had his scapegoats, Jews, homosexuals, priests; Trump has his: Muslims (look at the travel ban which was declared illegal but which Trump plans to reintroduce in a streamlined form to make it court-proof), Latinos (his stepped-up crackdown on deportations and raids of illegals, many of whom work at jobs like restaurant help and farm pickers Americans don’t want),  and, yes, despite his rhetoric to the contrary, us. Look at his Left Lieutenant, Vice President Pence, a homophobic’s homophobic.

Jews in 1932 Germany didn’t believe Hitler would act on his anti-Semitic smears; today’s Log Cabin Republicans who are gay consider Trump our friend. Huh?

Hitler condoned, encouraged and eventually ordered violence against the groups he scapegoated, most notably Jews; look at the anti-Muslim violence, i.e., that burned out a mosque here in Florida; the recent outbreak of anti-Semitic threats against Jewish community centers and desecrecation of Jewish cemetaries;  and an increasing number of gay bashings like the one caught on security cameras recently here in South Florida’s gay ghetto, Wilton Manors, which is visited by millions of gay tourists every year. No, of course, Trump may deny he incited such acts but his campaign anti-rhetoric emboldened his supporters, many racist and homophobic to begin with, to feel it was now open season on us “outliers.”

Most Germans looked the other way because Hitler promised and made good on his promise of delivering them economic relief, namely jobs, even if most were tied to preparing for war. Germany at that time was in the sewer, and people needed a wheelbarrow full of marks to buy a loaf of bread; billionaire Trump vowed to bring jobs back to America, a gospel which was bought hook, line and sinker by white blue collar workers who felt not only disenfranchised by the Great Recession but shit on for decades as company after company closed their factories and shipped jobs overseas where labor was cheaper.

Now to Trump’s credit or business charisma, the economy is in an upswing, stocks are up 10% and consumer confidence is at an all time high. And Trump has already twisted the arm of several corps to keep jobs here. However, more jobs have been and will continue to be lost to robotics and consequently will never come back. Others like in IT go unfilled or are filled by foreign help because Americans lack the skill sets. That’s why Silicon Valley which relies on this upscale talent from abroad went ape shit over his travel ban. So are hospitals and medical schools that count on foreign physicians from places like Syria to fill their medical residencies and staff their services.

Hitler was the grand censor, burning books he considered Communist or subversive in public squares and taking control over all the media, exploiting radio, newsreels and even skewed documentaries like Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will” to talk directly to, and brainwash the masses; Trump bypasses the media, which he considers Leftist and out to get him as the creator of “false” news, with his tweets, has silenced agencies like the EPA from talking to the media, and uses exaggerations, hyperbole and “alternative facts” to cover his ass and blame others for his own missteps. He has even ordered government websites with valuable data such as on climate change, which he considers a hoax propagated by the Left, wiped clean. Meanwhile 2016 was the warmest year yet on record.

Hitler made sure the judges in German courts were Nazi hardliners; Trump, more than any other president in recent history, has the opportunity to stack the Supreme Court against liberal decisions for decades. (More on that in Friday’s blog.)

Google Goebbels, Hitler’s chief propagandist, and Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary. About the only difference between them is Goebbels walked with a limp.

Hitler was originally a friend of Russia, and if he had stayed that way might have won the war; Trump at times talks about Putin as if they were long lost half-brothers.

Hitler, though the rumor was he was half Jewish, was a proponent of a pure Aryan race of blonde, blue eyed Germans; Trump’s biggest supporters were the good old red blooded white Americans, and Trump’s family is the embodiment of physical perfection.

True, Hitler was in for life, and Trump may be history in four or at most eight years. And who knows, if he is pulled into the whole Russia mess that brought down Flynn (why Flynn would discuss with the Russian ambassador stuff his future boss didn’t know about or even ordered sounds awfully strange), his days may be numbered.

But by then will there be anything left to salvage?

Anybody ready to defect and join me in establishing a Gay Americans in Exile colony in Bolivia?


If The Supreme Court’s Ginsburg Retires, We’re Fucked

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