TRT – Testosterone Replacement Therapy Revisited

TRT – Testosterone Replacement Therapy Revisited

I’ve written a lot about my venture into the world of TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy which l’ve been doing now for over five years. (Check out my blogs at:

That’s why l found the article, “The Truth About Testosterone” in this month’s issue of Men’s Fitness especially eye opening and a must read for anyone contemplating TRT:

  • Low T levels generally below 400 l (which is where l was when l started therapy – my T doc tries to keep me in the 800 to 1200 range) lead to decreased libido, increased fatigue, loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis, and even depression and low self-esteem.
  • While it is rare for young men to have such low levels, most men exhibit these problems north of 50. Interestingly, though, we reach our peak T by age 20; by 30, it’s downhill as much as one per cent a year, which ties into my theory that we homo-sapiens were not designed to live much beyond 40. (Nature is saying, “It’s time to stop making babies – you’re too old!”);
  • Blood tests before and after TRT are a must; otherwise you’re shooting in the dark and may do yourself more harm than good (see below);
  • Bodybuilders who want to keep their body fat under ten per cent are only screwing themselves because below that magic number the hormone that makes you a man takes a nose dive; so does excessive boozing and opiate use.
  • As of 2014, the last year this stat was available, over six million men were getting TRT, thanks in large part to its greater acceptance, and accessibility in the form of rub-on gels (though my T doc says if you’re hairy like me, rub-ons can actually increase your estrogen levels), shots, and time-release pellets which is what l chose. Implanted in the fat tissue of your butt, they last up to six months without the regimentation of weekly shots.
  • TRT can also have its negative side. Your balls realize they don’t have to produce the stuff anymore so they just stop and can actually shrink, and for guys who wanna make babies, your sperm count can plummet. TRT can also promote the growth of precancerous cells, lead to a heart attack or stroke and may be dangerous for those with sleep apnea.
  • A friend of mine who came out late in life decided to make up for lost time by shooting himself up with TRT but when he told me his T level was TWO THOUSAND, I told him he was nuts for all the above reasons including increased risk of prostate cancer which feeds off T;
  • Alternatives to TRT that can promote your body’s own natural production of testosterone include more deadlifts and squats in the gym, and a diet high in protein and vitamin D like steak, eggs, oysters, salmon, nuts, organic skim milk and yogurt.

I had had unusually hectic 2016, what with contemplating back surgery because of unforgiving pain in my legs, then having the surgery which was thankfully successful and uneventful, dealing with a potentially hyperactive hurricane season in south Florida where l live that wimped out, and in the end being forced to delay visiting my ex in Pennsylvania who needed my kick in the ass to attend to his own health needs until December.

So when l called my T doc’s office in February  and found out my last pellets were done almost a year ago, l instantly realized why my sex drive had been in the basement, why my gym workups didn’t seem to be doing much, why l napped too much, and why l generally felt like shit. Sure enough, when the blood work came back my T level was 400. I was long overdue for a pellet pick-me-up.

Well, l got my pellets a couple of weeks ago and while even one of my fuck buddies said, Hey, man, you lookin’ hot!,” l’m not ready to lasso every sizzlin,’ guy l see and rape him on the spot. But l knew my T levels were getting back up there when l lost my temper with one of those cold call Viagra hustlers on the phone. Increased aggression is a tell tail sign.

“Fuck off,” the guy who called himself “Joe” but was probably calling from somewhere in lndia finally yelled back.

No, you sit on it!” l replied as l hung up the phone. That’s when l felt a stupid grin overtake me.

Yea, Mr. T is back and Ray’s got him.

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