Acting Str8 At Work

Acting Str8 At Work

Don’t feel guilty that you’re letting the movement or your inner self down when you decide to wear that conservative blue tie and not that flashy red one your partner bought you for your birthday to the office. According to a new study, many gay men, especially those working professionally, make a conscious effort to act “str8” at work. You can find the full study at

And what exactly does that mean? Watching how they spoke or limiting their hand gestures, basically mimicking how str8 men (at least the guys they thought were str8) do things or dress or talk while on the job. For unless you work at a job where tres gay is in, like modeling or fashion or cosmetology, guys recognize, whether they like it or not, acting gay in the office is no asset, and if you wanna get ahead in the corporate world which is run predominantly by heterosexual men, in fact, many conservative heterosexual men, you better butch up buddy.

Hey, l know l’m going back a few years but l truly believe things haven’t changed that radically since l left the work-a-day world in 2002 and that, in fact, living in the Age of Trump things may actually be going backwards.  Though l always felt like l acted like one of the boys, l realized that as a PR and marketing executive representing a New York Catholic healthcare system – how conservative can you get –  even being perceived as “one of them” could cause you agita. That’s New Yorkese for heartburn.

I’ll never forget how one of our most experienced and educated administrators applied for the Chief Operating Officer or COO job at our place when the position became open. He should have gotten it hands down but because he was, shall we say, flamboyant (Charlie would play footsie with me under the table at meetings just to be cute), he was passed over for a jerk who eventually led our place, fortunately after l left, down the road to bankruptcy. A rumor went around that the archbishop was supposed to have said, “l’m not having a flake run one of our hospitals.”

Even guys whose bosses know or accept their homosexuality find themselves marginalized or pigeon-holed in terms of assignments or even advancement.

So if you come home from work and your partner starts interrogating you why you didn’t wear that flashy red tie he bought you for your birthday, move up to him real close, l mean real close, grab him by the crotch and whisper in his ear before you give him a deep tongue kiss, “Do you really give one fuck?”

Don’t worry. It won’t take him long to change the subject – or get his clothes off.




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