What’s Our Fascination About Making With A Str8 Guy?

What’s Our Fascination About Making With A Str8 Guy?

It’s all over gay porn. Hell, there are even sub-categories. It’s this perpetual gay fantasy about making it with a str8 guy, a str8 buddy or college roommate or coworker, your sister’s husband or your hot neighbor … the permutations seem endless. But why? Aren’t there enough gay men around to hook-up with? Why do we chase men who are supposed to want sex with – ugh! – women?  Are str8 guys in some way better, butcher, more potent, not hung up in our sometimes silly sub-culture, men who are real men (whatever the hell that is), sexual animals who just want to screw without consequences?

I mean do we feel somehow inadequate being a man that a genetic mutation made interested in his own sex? Frankly, from my crazy perspective, it just seems more natural for men to play with other men and the only reason “God” created women is so that there would be a way to create more men to play with.

Do we look upon it as a challenge or conquest to make it with one of “them” so we can convince them that only a man knows how to make another man feel good, l mean real good? You know, nobody knows how to suck cock like another guy, right?

Are we attracted to our own “forbidden zone,” aware that our advances may actual end us up in the hospital (“You sick fuck, I’m going to beat the shit out of ya!” as he comes at you with a tire iron), but hell it’s the “what if” that makes it even more sexually exciting?

Or is it our twisted way to rationalize in our minds that being being gay is okay (it is) and that every guy, no matter how macho, has a tinge of gay in him that needs only another man to bring out?

I love the “Str8 Broke Boys” series on sites like xtube or pornmd or other porn that appears to use – l mean pay – str8 guys to tie them up and then have our way with them – on camera. Are there as many lazy or out of work str8 guys as there are lazy gay guys who’ll do anything for money? Or is it all a sham, gay boys posing as str8 to keep feeding our fantasies?

I don’t know about you, but l don’t care if a voluptuous bitch was down on me for a half an hour, I don’t think Mr. Peter would show much interest. Yet these supposed str8 guys have an almost instant erection, sometimes they’re harder than the gay guy seducing them.

Or maybe, just maybe, at least for some str8 guys – l’m not talking about self professed bisexuals – walking on the wild side and making it with a gay guy holds as much sexual titillation as they do for us.


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