A Crack In the Dam?

A Crack ln The Dam?

Those of us who voted for Hilary, and even some of Trump’s supporters who are profoundly disenchanted with his idiotic behavior(his approval rating is the lowest ever recorded for a  new President) are hoping the shit the Russians supposedly have on him (one rumor is that it’s videotapes of him being pissed on my prostitutes)  gets into hands of Wikileaks, or maybe – wash my mouth out with soap! – a pissed off illegal pulls a gun out at one of his public rallies.

That’s why the ultimate irony is Trump may be done in by his own party, as evidenced by the great distension within party ranks which led to the defeat of what was to be his greatest achievement, a redo of Obama Care. If such dissention continues and Trump can’t get much pass Congress, he’s the temperamental, unorthodox type of guy who may just say, “Fuck you!” and resign.

And if the Pubs sit on their hands and get nothing done when they control both the Executive and Legislative branches, the public may say “Fuck you!” to them come election time.


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