Power Bottoms, The Entitled, Jeffrey Dahmer Cruises and Rhianna

Power Bottoms, The Entitled, Jeffrey Dahmer Cruises and Rhianna

I just love when guys call themselves “power bottoms.” Excuse me buddy, but we tops are the ones doing all the work. We have to keep that tool up and hard, we have to stick it in you, we have to keep those pelvic muscles going, all the time worrying about performance issues,  while you just lay there holding on to our tools like a drowning man grabs a life preserver.

Big fucken deal.


Ever run into a guy or maybe even have a buddy who acts like they’re some kind of phantom royalty and are entitled to everything just because they have or think they have a pretty face or hot bod or bubbling personality?  I’m not just talking about the lazy faggots who don’t want to work and milk the system, but guys who want or, l should say, expect everything from you and give you little back in return. They’re the kind of friends who never pick up the check or even offer to leave the tip.

Or like a hairy hottie l recently connected with on one of the phone apps. Since he had no car and lived in a closet l picked him up and brought him to my place. He used my mouth and my heated pool and my food and my cock rings but barely kissed my dick. He lived in the past, had come from a life of privilege  – old money gone bye-bye – and right now was renting a room in somebody’s house, working a minimum wage job at a local gay retailer and spending more on drugs than he did on food. Now nobody is used unless they allow it to happen which l freely admit l did. He had the physical looks that got me hard, the intellect many handsome guys lack and the sexual prowess that belonged on xtube. But after awhile l had to step back and say to myself: was the sex worth it in exchange for putting up with this air of entitlement? I finally realized it wasn’t,  and since l don’t look like Woody Allen’s older brother and have to grovel for another man’s attention, l have moved on.


In the old days if a guy saw what he liked in a bar or the ten items or less aisle at Walmart he’d give you a smirky smile. Now, particularly these older guys who are probably younger than me. stand there with the  vacant expressionless stare of a corpse as if they were contemplating draining your blood after they’ve had their way with you.


I have to admit l viewed Rihanna as another one of those overblown celebs the fans of “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider” fondle over, that is till l read about the many and diversified charities this young woman not only donates to but has initiated, and reminded me that not all of these million dollar Barbie dolls are “me, me, me” airheads.

You go girl.


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